Luxuor Bijou - 3 sisters

The Luxuor Bijou - 3 sisters collection consists of beautiful jewels with unique stones. Our jewellers include a personal touch by using great skill, intensity and different colour sets. The rings are also created exclusively.

This unique collection has specifically been created to make gemstones affordable for everyone. However, quality remains the same; the stone will not be affected; only the use of products for details such as gold or no gold will be different.

In this collection jewels are platted twice in 24ct platted gold and all have a guarantee of 2 years!

! Now 50€ off for every jewel in the Luxuor Bijou collection !

Princess Gold Topaz

A very flashy and unique ring that will attract all the attention to your beautiful hands.

More jewels from the Bijou Collection

We will be glad to help you choosing your special jewel from the Bijou collection in the Brazilian Gemstone Jewelery shop in Zonhoven.

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