It’s not a diamond, it’s a coloured gem

Brazilian Gemstones Jewelery - Zonhoven - GemstonesA gemstone is one of the about one hundred naturally occurring minerals and organic materials. Gemstones exist in the form of a diamond, ruby, sapphire (minerals) or amber, pearls, ivory, coral (organic materials).

A gem's beauty comes from its brilliance, fire, lustre and colour.

Nonetheless, today's popular gems are mostly inorganic. Furthermore, each of the aforementioned materials must possess beauty, rarity and durability in order to be classified as a gemstone.

Brazilian Gemstones Jewelery - Zonhoven - GemstonesThe gems for sale in our store are all handmade, selected and designed by the owner of the shop Mrs Rosecler Moura, who is very proud to bring the precious stones from her birthplace
in Brazil to Belgium.

Brazilian Gemstones Jewelery offers jewels containing all of these requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to visit our store in Zonhoven.

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