Charm Lorenix Collection

Brazilian Gemstones Jewelery created the silver Charm Lorenix Collection exclusively for our most classic lines, so they can reflect sensuality and class in a modern style.

The 1, 2 or 3 stones rings have been designed to be combined united and mixed.

The uniqueness of these stones is that they show natural inclusions of more than 50 million years old and are all handmade with love…
the traditional way.

Silver Amethyst

Available in a classic combination of a ring with 1, 2 or 3 stones and earrings with 2 stones.
Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz.
The name comes from the Ancient Greek methodology, meaning ‘not intoxicated’ and was worn by the Greeks and Romans to prevent them from drunkenness.

Special Natural Amethyst

These precious earrings are made of 2 stones in a square-oval shape. A delight for the eye!

Purple Amethyst

A fine combination of 2 stones citrine earrings and an amethyst ring with crystal.
Citrine is a yellow brownish coloured variation of the amethyst, very rare to be found. The colour variation is due to the presence of a small amount of oxide.

Light blue Topaz

A marvellous combination of 1 square stone earrings, a 3 square stones bracelet and a very special ring with 2 square stones and 1 oval stone.

Orange citrate

2 stones earrings with a unique combination of one orange citrate and 1 crystal. Very authentic and absolutely classy.

Natural Sunshine

This very classy ring shows the real natural inclusions formed before the creation of the stone. Another proof that this stone dates from the early beginnings of the earth.
The ring exists of 3 stones: one crystal, one, amber and one smoky quartz.

Cognac Topaz

A fine pair of cognac coloured earrings and a pendant, sublime for every occasion, consisting of a orange citrine quartz.

More rare stones

Many more unique and rare stones are available within this collection.
Nothing as good as a visit to our store in Zonhoven to have an overview of the entire range of the most beautiful gemstones from Brazil.

SILVER 925 – HANDMADE – IGI Certificate from the Antwerp World Diamond Center; All stones selected and designed by Rosecler Moura

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